The leading provider of Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Respiratory Disease

Spire’s Remote Patient Monitoring service pairs revolutionary respiratory sensing technology with licensed medical staff to identify changes in patient health and intervene earlier.

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Spire’s unique Health Tag sensors capture medical grade physiological data around the clock

Easy-to-use technology for Patients and Providers

How It Works

Dr. orders Spire Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Spire equipment mailed to patient home
Data shared with care team via dashboard
Care Team monitors patient
Notification generated when patient's health changes
Care team contacts patient to perform risk assessment
The Spire Health Difference

A unique passive form factor with proven long term adherence in chronic disease patients

More than 1,500 patients living with chronic respiratory conditions monitored to date

95% of patients wear their Health Tags every day

The Spire Health Difference

World’s Leading Respiratory Signal

Only wearable respiratory effort sensor on the market

Respiratory effort variation is a leading indicator of physiological decline in a number of health contexts

Validated against gold standard EtCO2

The Spire Health Difference

Advanced algorithms for the earliest notification of change in condition

Algorithms learn individual patient physiology and automatically detect deviations from established clinical baselines

Able to detect change in condition 4.4 days prior to hospitalization


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