Medical grade passive sensing technology

Health Tags

Easily adhere to a patient’s existing clothing.

Designed to be washed and dried
No need to charge
Lasts up to 12 months
No need to transfer between clothing

Home Hub


Cellular-based hub included in starter kit (no need for Wi-Fi)


Hub is positioned in patient home in regularly used room


Data on Tags syncs Hub automatically via Bluetooth

Healthcare Professional Dashboard


Patient data is shared with care team through dashboard


Notifications are triggered when patient health changes


All time spent interacting with patients and their data is captured for billing reports

Signals captured by Health Tags

Medical grade accuracy validated against clinical benchmarks

Respiratory effort

Validated against gold standard EtCO2

Activity and Steps

Proven superior to consumer/medical grade accelerometers

Pulse rate

Validated against ECG


Advanced algorithms learn an individual patient’s health patterns

Deviations from patient clinical baselines are automatically detected and shared with the care team.  Changes in patient health are often detected many days before a patient reports symptoms or experiences physiological decline.

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