The Spire Remote Patient Monitoring Service helps your doctor and care team see changes in your health and reach out before things get too serious.

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How It Works


Your doctor orders remote patient monitoring


You receive your Spire Health Starter Kit in the mail


Plug in your Home Hub and attach the Health Tags onto your clothing

That's It!

Your doctor can now see your breathing, pulse rate and activity.

These help your care team understand your health status. Your care team will check in with you monthly via phone. Or if they see any changes in your health, they will give you a call to make sure everything is okay.

Health Tag is designed for patients

Setup at home in less than 5 minutes

Tag attaches to every day clothing

No daily interaction required

Wash and dry clothes as normal

No charging needed

Will last up to 12 months when worn daily

Health Tags are designed for long-term monitoring, not as a real-time alarm system. Always contact your doctor or call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

What Patients Have To Say

"For me and my husband, the service is offering peace of mind. I like knowing that should you become aware of an issue, which we ordinarily would not have been aware of, I like the fact that you will call us and say hey, I see something going on and then we can take action and get him in with his doctor."

wife of 77 year old COPD patient

“I do feel relieved that someone is looking out for me.”

65 year old female COPD patient

“I really appreciate the check in calls; that's another important feature for me. I have problems with my breathing, coughing, and asthma; so someone calling to check that everything is going well, I really appreciate that.”

68 year old female patient

“I’m surprised they stayed on! I washed his clothes...and I put them in the dryer and thought if these fall off now is the time; but everything stayed stuck on. It’s so easy to use.”

wife of 77 year old patient

"I take care of my mother and my husband, they both have dementia. So I'm really busy doing everything for two households. It's really good that I have these Health Tags. I like the fact that someone's watching out for me, I really like that. Thank you so much for calling! I feel better now."

64 year old female COPD patient

“Thanks for watching over me.”

82 year old male COPD patient
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