April 2, 2020

Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Disorders Institute of South Florida (PCSI) Remotely Monitor High Risk Patients

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 2, 2020 -- Spire Health, the leading digital healthcare company for continuous respiratory remote patient monitoring, and PCSI, a large outpatient pulmonary group in the Palm Beach area of Florida, announced today a collaborative partnership to remotely monitor chronic respiratory disease patients from home in an effort to help PCSI healthcare providers detect early signs of COVID-19 and limit exposure for healthy patients.

“As medical professionals in the field of pulmonary/critical care, we are on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19 and are looking for innovative solutions to help us protect our most vulnerable patients. We have partnered with Spire Health to deploy remote patient monitoring (RPM) for our 3,500 highest-risk patients, allowing us to triage and support them if they need care due to the COVID-19 virus,” said Dr. Carlos Sanchez, MD, FCCP, a physician partner at PCSI.  “The Spire RPM solution enables us to keep a close eye on our patients allowing them to remain in their homes safe in the knowledge that if we detect any changes in their health we can reach out through telehealth. We’ve already seen rapid adoption and interest from our patients knowing that we will continue to provide the highest level of care and safety during these difficult times.”

Spire Health’s RPM solution is built on its unique Health Tag sensor technology, which continuously monitors respiration rate, pulse rate, and activity levels and automatically notifies the care team of potential changes in a patient’s condition. Health Tags adhere to a patient’s existing clothing and require no daily interaction or change in behavior, resulting in long term adherence. Patient data and notifications are reviewed by a patient’s care team through a healthcare provider dashboard.

“Our remote monitoring platform can be implemented at a site in less than a week with sensors sent directly to patients' homes, meaning that no face-to-face interactions are required.” said Phil Golz, VP Commercial at Spire Health.  “We also have a nationwide team of licensed respiratory therapists on hand to conduct patient monitoring and triage, such that we can deploy the solution without impacting a provider’s existing clinical resources.”

About PCSI

The physicians of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Disorders Institute of South Florida (PCSI) have been practicing medicine for over 30 years in the South Florida area. They dedicate themselves to delivering the latest options in patient care and monitoring using optimal medical industry technology and are committed to advancing the prevention and treatment of respiratory and sleep-related diseases through compassionate, high quality care.

About Spire Health

Spire Health is the leading digital healthcare company for continuous respiratory monitoring and actionable feedback. The Spire Health Tag enables remote patient monitoring with unparalleled adherence and clinical-grade accuracy. Spire Health’s remote patient monitoring approach has the potential to identify and predict health events, enable early interventions, and prevent hospital admissions. Spire is backed by leading medical health investors and has received a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services. For more information visit: www.spirehealth.com

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