September 25, 2018

Spire Health Tag, the World’s First Discrete Clothing-Adhered Health Monitor, Awarded US Government Grant to Reshape Illness Prevention

Spire, a leading innovator in actionable health monitoring, has received a grant from the USDepartment of Health and Human Services to accelerate Health Tag development towardFood and Drug Administration 510K clearance.

DRIVe, a division of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority in theHHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, is providing research and development funding for the new Spire Health Tag, a wearable early-warning sensor that measures the body’s heart rate, breathing patterns, sleep quality and even stress levels and with the potential to alert users that they are about to get sick.

Currently, the Spire Health Tag is available for consumer health and wellness use, including to help monitor sleep, stress and activity. The funding from DRIVe will help contribute toward Spire’s efforts to develop the product further, aiming for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510K clearance.

This Powered by DRIVe project is part of DRIVe’s Early Notification to Act Control and Treat(ENACT) portfolio. Products developed under ENACT empower people by letting them know they are sick before the first symptom.

“Spire recognized early on that while continuous health data can revolutionize health and wellness globally, innovative new form factors and sensors were required to unlock that potential,” points out Jonathan Palley, CEO & co-founder of Spire. “The DRIVe award is validation of the work we’ve put into Health Tag in delivering it to users who need accurate insights into their health, as well as our continued progress in developing our clinical-grade remote passive monitoring platform.”

The first-of-its-kind device is designed to disappear and only notify you when it can help.Available in packs, users simply tag the clothes that they wear most often like underwear, bras, pajamas or activewear and get going. Health Tags never need to be charged and are also completely washer and dryer-proof so users never have to take them off.

The device monitors real-time bio-signals, like breathing, heart rate, heart rate variability, activity and other changes in the unique health signatures of user’s health data. A companion app sends notifications to the user’s cell phone that could potentially be used to alert users to impending illnesses before they strike.

This award follows Health Tag recent launch into Apple Stores in the U.S., U.K. and China, and solidifies Spire’s position as the market leader in continuous-respiration sensing, real-time interventions, and actionable feedback. Spire’s products have also been recommended and used in-practice by thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Health Tags will be sold as a 3-pack for $129, a 6-pack for $229 and an 8-pack for $299, with additional pack sizes available at

Initial purchasers can receive discounted monthly Spire+ membership, normally $10/month.With Spire+, members can receive unlimited free Health Tag replacements when batteries run out, discounts on additional Health Tag purchases, and personalized health reports.

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