December 16, 2021

Respiratory Care + Sleep Medicine (RCSM) Launches Remote Monitoring Program to Help Reduce Pulmonary Patient Hospitalization

Jacksonville, FL– December 16, 2021 -- RCSM, a leader in respiratory and sleep medicine in Florida, and Spire Health, the leading digital healthcare company for respiratory remote patient monitoring (RPM), today announced a partnership to provide a remote monitoring service to respiratory patients in the Jacksonville area. The new service helps RCSM pulmonologists detect changes in clinical condition and intervene before a patient’s condition worsens to potentially avoid an emergency room or hospital visit.  

“At RCSM it is our mission to be the leader in respiratory and sleep medicine, with best-in-class care delivered with a compassionate, patient-first approach. We are continuing to set the standard of care by partnering with Spire to deploy Health Tags to our patients with chronic lung conditions,” said Larry Kay, CEO, Respiratory Care + Sleep Medicine. “Remote patient monitoring provides our team with insights into changes in our patients’ condition, giving us the opportunity to make impactful treatment decisions sooner.”

RCSM’s RPM solution, powered by Spire Health, is built on unique Health Tag sensor technology, which continuously monitors respiration rate, pulse rate, and activity levels and automatically notifies the care team of potential changes in a patient’s condition. Health Tags adhere to a patient’s existing clothing and require no daily interaction or change in behavior, resulting in long term adherence. Patient data and notifications are reviewed by a patient’s care team or Spire’s nationwide team of licensed respiratory therapists through a healthcare provider dashboard.

“We are proud to partner with RCSM to give unprecedented visibility into their patient’s health outside of office visits. With this data, RCSM physicians can intervene sooner to improve patient care and safety, with a goal to drive down the long-term hospitalization rate in their patient population’ said Phil Golz, VP of Commercial at Spire Health. “RPM has enormous potential to improve the quality of care that pulmonologists are providing for patients and meaningfully change long term patient outcomes in respiratory patients.  This partnership is further validation of the trust our physician partners are placing in Spire Health and our technology.” 

About RCSM

Respiratory Care + Sleep Medicine (RCSM) delivers best-in-class diagnosis and treatment fora wide spectrum of respiratory and sleep conditions, disorders and diseases.For nearly 30 years, patients have come to Respiratory Care + Sleep Medicine(RCSM) for the diagnosis and treatment respiratory and sleep issues, ranging from bronchitis to emphysema and insomnia to sleep apnea. Our team of physicians and nurse practitioners offer a wide array of strengths, focus areas and backgrounds, practicing with compassion, mutual respect and a patient-first approach. RCSM practices a collaborative, team approach in which conferring about your diagnosis and best treatment options is commonplace.

About Spire Health

Spire Health is the leading digital healthcare company for continuous respiratory monitoring and actionable feedback. The Spire Health Tag enables remote patient monitoring with unparalleled adherence and clinical-grade accuracy. SpireHealth’s remote patient monitoring approach has the potential to identify and predict health events, enable early interventions, and prevent hospital admissions. Spire is backed by leading medical health investors and has received a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services. For more information visit:

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