June 29, 2021

Spire Health and Mayo Clinic Announce Collaboration to Co-Develop Remote Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

SAN FRANCISCO,CA – June 29, 2021 -- Spire Health and Mayo Clinic announced a collaboration to integrate Mayo Clinic’s remote pulmonary rehabilitation program into Spire Health’s industry-leading respiratory remote patient monitoring (RPM) service. 

Developed by Dr. Roberto Benzo and his team at the Mindful Breathing Laboratory, Mayo Clinic’s remote pulmonary rehabilitation program has been the recipient of multiple, multi-year grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH). The program, validated using randomized controlled trials, combines health coaching, passive monitoring, and guided exercises to help patients living with chronic respiratory diseases proactively improve their quality of life. The two organizations are expected to pilot this combined offering in 2021 with commercial rollout slated for early 2022.

“Dr. Benzo has been a leading researcher of pulmonary rehabilitation for over 20 years, leading to the most well-validated remote pulmonary rehabilitation we’ve seen,”said Neema Moraveji, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of Spire Health. “Pulmonary rehabilitation is a natural complement to Spire’s ‘early detection’ system, which uses artificial intelligence atop the industry’s leading respiratory sensors to detect respiratory deterioration before patients themselves do. We are honored and excited to make the outputs of Dr. Benzo’s research available to patients everywhere.”

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Spire Health is the leading digital healthcare company for continuous respiratory monitoring and actionable feedback. The Spire Health Tag enables remote patient monitoring with unparalleled adherence and clinical-grade accuracy. Spire Health’s remote patient monitoring approach has the potential to identify and predict health events, enable early interventions, and prevent hospital admissions. Spire is backed by leading medical health investors and has received a grant from the USDepartment of Health and Human Services. For more information visit: spirehealth.com    

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