September 29, 2021

Spire Health Publishes Clinical Case Reports Illustrating the Benefits of Respiratory Remote Patient Monitoring

San Francisco (California,US) –Spire Health, the leading provider of respiratory remote patient monitoring(RPM), today announced the peer-reviewed publications of several new clinical case reports which illustrate the real-world impact of how the Spire RPM system supports the early identification and ongoing care and management of patients with chronic and acute pulmonary disease (e.g., COPD and COVID-19, respectively).

“The ways in which RPM has created value at our practice varies,” wrote lead-author and pulmonologist Dr. Michael Polsky of the Pulmonary Associates of Richmond in Virginia. “While initially deployed to improve care of chronic respiratory disease patients, the system has shown promise in the detection of acute infection as well. These cases provide a sampling of the real-world opportunity and impact RPM has for pulmonologists with the goal of avoiding hospitalization.”

1)     Early identification and treatment of COPD exacerbation using remote respiratory monitoring. Elsevier – Respiratory Medicine CaseReports, Volume 34, 2021, 101475.

2)    Early Identification of COVID-19Infection Using Remote Cardiorespiratory Monitoring: Three Case Reports. JMIR – Interactive Journal of Medical Research, 10(2), e27823.

3)    Post-acute care management of a patient with COVID-19 using remote cardiorespiratory monitoring. Elsevier – Respiratory Medicine Case Reports, Volume 33, 2021,101436.

“Due to its industry-leading respiratory sensor and low-burden form factor, SpireRPM enables pulmonologists to monitor their patients like never before,” said Neema Moraveji, Ph.D., co-author and Chief Science Officer of Spire Health.“These cases demonstrate how RPM helps clinicians provide truly transformative care – in instances where patients have medical conditions which have predictive physiologic changes and which are aided by timely intervention.”

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