Health Tag Pulse Rate Validation

Health Tag Pulse Rate Validation

The objective of this validation study was to conduct a pulse rate accuracy evaluation comparing the Health Tag to a photoplethysmography (PPG) reference device under the following simulated conditions to ensure proper function in a wide range of usage scenarios:
• A range of human pulse amplitudes (40 - 190 beats per minute or bpm)
• Various pulse rates with low pulse amplitude

Reference device:
The reference device used was the WHALETEQ PPG Heart Rate Simulator Test System™ (HRS200)

Validation study results:
• The Device Under Test (DUT), Health Tag, passed with an accuracy of 0.22bpm ARMS over the pulse rate range of 40 – 190 beats per minute.
• The Device Under Test was able to read pulse rate within 1 digit of the reference device for all pulse amplitudes.
Health Tag pulse rate accuracy from 2.0% to 0.1% pulse rate amplitudes

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